KOICA Wants a Trilateral Cooperation Program with TIKA

tika trilateral proposalMeeting of the Country Head Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA) with the Director General KOICA Pakistan which covers the proposal  the Trilateral Cooperation reagarding KOICA's Training program for KOICA's "Drinking Water Supply Projects". Under KOICA Joint Training program, KOICA, TIKA and Government of Pakistan can have a trilateral cooperation training program for Drinking Water Supply Project. TIKA had already conducted the drinking water project in Pakistan and Turkey is having more cultural, social and religious similarities with Pakistan as compared to Korea. As Turkey is very near to Pakistan and it will be more feasible for the participant from Pakistan to go to TIKA head office for training. So KOICA will choose the master trainers from the water supply project and sent to TIKA head office for training and the expenses of the training will be funded by KOICA.