Message from KAAP


As the President of KAAP Dr. Muhammad Akram Sheikh, I welcome you to the KOICA and KAAP website!

 I know that most of the members of KAAP are aware that this website is an important tool in reaching the members of the Association nationwide. Through this technology, we are able to share information and update them with the activities, projects and events of the Association and about KOICA as well. I know you are aware that KOICA provides assistance to KAAP and has been generous through the years in supporting the activities and projects of the Association.

We work towards achieving KAAP’s objectives to continuously maintain linkages between and among KOICA scholars globally, utilizing the social networking sites, such as the newsletter and website; collaborate with other organizations for continuing education and resource mobilization; conduct community services such as livelihood projects, medical missions, etc.; and establish mechanisms for sustainability through fund-raising activities.

Inspired by the support of the Korean Embassy, KOICA and KCCP, we firmly hope to achieve KAAP’s dream of becoming a “mobile training center/institute” which aims to share the members’ individual or group expertise acquired from KOICA training/scholarship. Through this mechanism, we will be able, not only apply the learnings from KOICA trainings but also help in promoting the training programs of KOICA.

 It is important to note however, that KAAP could only achieve success in all its undertakings with the active participation of its members. Along this line, therefore, I encourage you to consistently participate actively in the Association’s projects and activities.  Let’s make this website work well by being consistently active. 
In gratitude, we thank KOICA for its assistance in continuously improving and maintaining the website’s efficiency and accuracy.
Let us all find this website useful, become active user, and be part of it by contributing relevant information, articles, photos, or news clips activities of members which you wish to upload in our website.
We are counting on your cooperation.   Thank you and please register now.


Very truly yours,
Dr. Muhammad Akram Sheikh
KAAP President